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I will read anything Lily Morton writes

Risk Taker - Lily Morton

There is so much of my book catnip in this story. First we have “best friends to lovers” which I am always up for reading, especially when it’s m/m. Which is another of my catnips. Then there is Morton’s humour. Dear lord, her books are so funny! I absolutely adore them because I know that the entire time I spend diving into them, I will wear a giant smile on my face.


I think what I loved most about Henry and Ivo was how richly Morton writes their friendship. I absolutely believed these two were everything to each other and that’s why they were each terrified of taking that next step and admitting their feelings. Their chemistry, even before any sexual or romantic entanglements, was off-the-charts.


As always, with her books, this was pretty much a one-sitting read. While each of her series features characters that are interconnected, so it’s fun to start at the beginning and see how secondary characters develop into the stars of their own books, you can pretty much pick up whichever one catches your fancy and get reading.


So get reading already!