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Tellulah Darling writes YA & New Adult romantic comedy because her first kiss sucked and she's compensating.

Sassy girls. Swoony boys. What could go wrong?

A Serpentine Affair - Tina Seskis I loved Seskis' book One Step Too Far so I was very excited to read this one. But it didn't grab me nearly as much as her other story.I think that a big part of that was due to the fact that much of the story is told in flashbacks. For me, it meant the story lost a lot of tension and jeopardy. I didn't really worry about how these past events affected them because I could see who they were in the present storyline. The events of the past became interesting gossip, as opposed to gripping.And the storyline in the present relied too much on the events of the past. Yes, stuff happened but not a lot. I just felt that in terms of moving forward, this book didn't give me what I wanted.That said, it's well written and the characters were distinct.Thanks to Kirk Parolles and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.