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Iced - Karen Marie Moning I so wanted to love this book. And I did really enjoy the Batman/Robin dynamic going on with Ryoden. But I had a big pet peeve I couldn't get past. If we look at Fever, it is not about some woman who goes to Dublin, discovers she's sidhe seer and has to help save the world. Those are all just complications to her actual goal which is to find out who killed her sister. It very specifically has to be Mac's story- gives it a personalization and an intimacy against the bigger global issues going on. For me, I was invested at a whole other level because of the urgency of this goal. It was primal.So now we have ICED. WHy now? Why not in 2 yrs? Really, it could have been any time. There was nothing that personalized it with Dani for me. This could have been any sidhe seer's story (and kind of is because we get Kat's POV as well). I wish that KMM had chosen a specific, personal goal for Dani to cement this story. Let everything else be a complication to that instead of just feeling for me, like it was a bunch of running around. The only thing that jumping ahead in time would have lost was immediacy of Mac sticking the sword in her back at the end. But since I don't believe for a second she intends to kill her, it's a fake out anyways.My long winded way of saying, I wish there had been a personal, specific reason for this story, both in plot and theme/character growth.