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Tellulah Darling writes YA & New Adult romantic comedy because her first kiss sucked and she's compensating.

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Very close to another series I love

Half-Blood - Jennifer L. Armentrout
2.5 stars

Hmmm. I'm trying to figure out how I would have felt about this series, had I not loved Vampire Academy so much and had the similarities been so blatant.

On the surface, Alex and our VA protag Rose, share many qualities. They are both half-bloods, they are both kick ass, but I immediately connected with Rose whereas I found Alex annoying. With Rose, I understood her appeal. I saw her be loyal and determined and smart and actively exhibit a ton of qualities that made me root for her. My issue with Alex was that I felt I was supposed to root for her, supposed to understand everyone's attraction to her, but I wasn't feeling it. Or actively being shown why we should bond.

I also thought that in terms of world building, this shared mythology was handled more deftly and with, for me, a more interesting spin in VA. And I was confused by
 why if her mother was so worried about what the Oracle said about Alex, and how she could be used, would she have told her husband and brother? And then leave without their help in protecting her. Either don't tell them so no one knows, especially if they want to use Alex, or tell them because they can help keep her daughter safe.
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Did I miss some rationale?

Aiden is a typical swoony guy but even so, he didn't reach Dmitri levels of interest for me. I will read the next book. Maybe, like TV pilots, it takes that first one to get the clunkiness out of the way. We'll see.