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Freakboy a good read that I wish had been great

Freakboy - Kristin Elizabeth Clark

I think I wanted to connect with this book more than I did. Freakboy is told through 3 different POVs - Brendan our main protagonist, who is trying to figure out if he is transsexual, Angel, who is trans herself and becomes Brendan's friend, and Vanessa, who is Brendan's girlfriend.

The story is told in verse, which initially I was uncertain about, finding that Vanessa's voice didn't feel particularly interesting or different to me. But the more I read, the more I think that was just a function of her character as opposed to how the story was told. I think that had her character's storyline been dropped entirely, because it didn't really add anything to the overall narrative, we would have had more time to spend with the compelling characters of Angel and Brendan, giving them a greater depth, that for me, would have pushed this story from a good read to a great one.