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Bad boys and broken girls. Again.

Crash into You - Katie McGarry

While Isaiah was definitely the character in this series that I've found most compelling, it doesn't mean that I actually liked this book. I'm not sure what deludedly optimistic gene has me still getting suckered into reading NA books with bad boys and broken girls who underneath it all have such hearts of gold. Stab me in the eye if I read another one. Seriously. 

I didn't care that Rachel had panic attacks. Not that it's not legitimate - I suffer from mild panic attacks myself. I understand that anxiety but I felt it was being used for an excuse to stuff her into poor rich girl victim with overbearing family. Whatever. We all have crap to deal with. And I found it hard to get behind her issues.

Isaiah was sweet but almost too much so. Yes, I understand that everyone is pegging him wrong based on where he comes from and how he looks instead of who he is, but come one. Give the boy a single flaw. And no, overprotectiveness of the girl he loves does not count. He just didn't feel real to me.

Okay. Done with that. You know, until I find that next one that I'm sure will be different. Sigh ...