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Giving the series one more chance

Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price

The strongest aspect of this book for me was Victor. I love this drug popping, highly messed up psychic. But overall, I felt the same way about this one as I did about book 1. While he is interesting, the case itself didn't do much for me and the relationship didn't hook me in at all the way it did say with Ty and Zane in the Cut & Run series. 

That said, a friend has assured me that the first two books were only okay and that it really does get character focused so I'm going to stick with the series for one more book. I remember thinking that book one of the Magic series by Ilona Andrews was only so-so - and if I hadn't been assured it got better, I would have probably dropped it. And that's one of my fav series. So, one more shot and high hopes for book 3. :D