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Something Real - Heather Demetrios

I used to love watching Jon and Kate Plus 8. In the beginning. See, I thought it was really sweet and they seemed like such a normal family. Then things got weird and I started to question the wisdom of allowing your kids to grow up on TV. For cash.


And suddenly it didn't sit so well with me anymore. I stopped watching those kinds of shows. (I don't watch grown up reality train wrecks either but that's their informed decision.) However, when I saw pretty much that exact premise - a girl whose had that life and what happens when she's thrust right back into it - I was very excited to read it.


It was pretty good. I started off fairly tense and my daughter intercepted the read and vetted it to assure me that it didn't get too dark and horrible in terms of the reality TV gongshow. (Which I think is hilarious that she did that.) All in all, the story was done in a fun, tonally appropriate way. The characters were enjoyable and while I definitely liked Patrick as the love interest, and understand that they'd already liked each other for a year, I missed getting to see the blossoming attraction between them. I like that bit in my romances.


The ending was satisfying and it overall, I'd say if you're interested in this premise, then pick it up.