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Pulling my hair out in frustration over the boy next door

Lola and the Boy Next Door - Stephanie Perkins

Argh! It's been a while since I've been this annoyed by a book. I loved Anna and the French Kiss. LOOOOVED! I thought it was the sweetest romance imaginable in all the best ways. So I couldn't wait to read this. And the romance was divine! I mean, dreamy and lovely and young love real and yay for it!


So why only three stars? Because the set up of Lola was so freaking precious I wanted to strangle her. Exhibit A - the perfectly offbeat girl who works at a theatre (and I didn't get the sense it was a megaplex), has 2 gay dads with just the right amount of trauma with her mom, her one and only friend is Asian, so check got the multicultural aspect covered - I swear, I was waiting for her to play ukelele to complete the quirk pastiche of her life. Each and every one of these things taken alone or even with one other - great but together, it was too much for me.To the point where I just wanted to keep hanging with Anna and St. Clair (so happy to see them) and Lola be damned.


And that's why I was so annoyed. Because the romance was so fabulous (did I mention that) that this other part made me even madder because I just wanted to love the whole thing, end of story.


Again, say I argh!