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I expected to hate The Selection so was pleasantly surprised

The Selection  - Kiera Cass

I'd expected to hate this book so was pleasantly surprised. That said, there were issues. The "dystopian" and yes, I intend the quotes aspect of it was so contrived. Caste system, okay I understand but

why was there no sex before marriage? This didn't appear to be a religious country. Was it just to add some kind of conflict and jeopardy or something? Also, I couldn't understand why people were out there suffering as they were. The queen was from the people, the prince seemed like a caring guy, and there was just no sense of the king so why was this society continuing to be set up the way it was?

(show spoiler)


Finally, the love triangle annoyed the crap out of me. I'm not actually sure I want her to end up with either guy. But if she keeps crying then maybe she deserves one.


All of which, as I'm writing it, makes me wonder why I even gave it a 3. But that's the feeling I had going into this review, so I'll stick with it.