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A trippy story that left me headachy and vaguely regretful

Shadowglass: The Shadowfae Chronicles - Erica Hayes

I was strolling through my library's meagre selection of sci-fi/fantasy doing the "read it already, read it already , no thanks, read it already," game when I came across this title. The premise sounded intriguing so check it out I did.

It was a trip but alas, like many buzzes, left me headachy and vaguely regretful. First off, every single sentence was simply laden with adjectives. And the verbs? No one hugged- they were glued together in a hot blind embrace. You get the picture. So it was either hate the overt stylization or get on board. Surprisingly, I kind of did get on board.

But the plot? SHeesh! It took a long time for things to happen because there was so much sex. This girl had magic vagina to the nth degree with every creature wanting her. Kill me now. I was getting so bored. Plus, she just kept forgiving the psycho asshole she was in love with. Which, okay yes,

he was possessed, 

(show spoiler)

but she didn't know that.

It could have been good because I liked the world and the sparkly high of it. I just wish there'd been more plot, any kind of character development and less sex. Huh. Did I say that? Yeah, I did.