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A Mad Wicked Folly is mad fun!

A Mad, Wicked Folly - Sharon Biggs Waller

I used to read a ton of historical fiction, and while these days it tends to be historical romance, either way, I've always loved being in 19th century England or France. Or early twentieth century America. I get the best of both here with early twentieth century England.

I could impress upon you that Waller has nailed the world and brought it fully to life. And I could talk about how this love triangle didn't actually bother me, because it served it's purpose of making me extremely tense about her limited choices at a time when women were not seen as their own persons. I could talk about the sweetness of the romance or the depth of Vicky's passion for her art.

All of that is true and helped make this a wonderful read. But what I really loved was how Waller used the specificity of this period to address character growth. She sets it against the duel worlds of glittering balls and suffragettes. To me, the best period stories (hey Mad Men, I'm looking at you) fully explore their time in terms of social, cultural, gender, political (and all other) viewpoints. There is a relevance to setting it then. These characters could only have lived at this time and only have achieved growth through a shifting landscape. I loved that this was true of A Mad Wicked Folly.

But don't read it for that. Read it because it's just a lovely read.