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So promising and fell so flat for me

White Hot Kiss  - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Argh!!! It was going to be 2.5 stars but the ending picked up and I did like Roth so, rounding up we go.

Okay, what is it with protagonists who live in worlds of extreme good and evil and yet are so unbelievably sheltered? Layla drove me nuts. She felt like she was about 14 the entire book, not 17. Until the big conflict at the end, when suddenly I felt like she came into her own, matured up in a hurry and got interesting. Prior to that I just found her kind of whiney and irritating.

I didn't buy the so-called love triangle. Didn't buy Zayne's interest and didn't care about him at all as a character. Actually, while I continued to love the idea of Gargoyles, the Gargoyle characters I got to know left me kind of meh. I wasn't particularly invested in them or their world. I compare this to a series like Rachel Vincent's Stray where I definitely cared about the shapeshifters. 

Part of my problem may have been that while demons were pretty much only represented in terms of fully fleshed out characters by Roth, he was the most compelling and likeable of them all. This didn't lead to a tension between her worlds or her selves for me. Just stuff to wade through when she wasn't with him.

Not sure if I go on from here.