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The book two filler curse

Savage Delight  - Sara Wolf

Another ARGH! read for me. I really enjoyed book one. I was willing to suspend disbelief about how sometimes they didn't feel the most teen but because it avoided a lot of pitfalls of the broken girl stereotype, I found it refreshing and fun. Can I say fun about that book? Does that make me weird? Saying it anyway.

But this one? This one definitely fell into the pitfall of filler second book in a series. My main issue? No real character growth. Just a lot more of the same issues. No. Just no. I want the characters to be forced painfully to grow and change over the entire series. Not have good set up, waiting period, and then HEA. We did get some plot twists I didn't see coming but I didn't buy them either. 

I could go with Jack and the escort thing. But now there's some shadowy corporate guy who wants Jack working for him at all costs? And will send scary guys to find blackmail material? Really? And also, I didn't buy Sophia jumping at the end. IF that is what happened because while I'm not dense, I had to re-read the passage a few times to understand it. She had this surgery that could change her life. And despite being so happy Jack paid for it, happy she could have a life again, she chooses to jump? It felt like shock instead of organic character decision for me.

(show spoiler)

So I'm not sure about book three. I also don't love the fact that the author wrote a note at the end telling us to hang in there for their HEA. Of course there is going to be an HEA but don't tell me. It takes all the tension and fun out of it. 

I gotta find some book to adore and soon.