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The series that makes a hypocrite of me

Ball & Chain  - Abigail Roux

For all my bitching that most series really shouldn't go past 5 books if they feature the same on-going protagonist, I gotta say, I happily went to 8 with this one. Was it because the mysteries were so compelling? Not really. Was it because the sex was hot? Kinda. But mostly it was because I was just so invested in Ty's and Zane's relationship. I really loved these two. Roux nailed my emotional connection to them.

That said, this book felt different from the others. For one, the mystery felt very old school Agatha Christie, instead of more "hard core" FBI. I actually really liked that about it, since I'd always felt that the cases they took were pretty soft in terms of me caring. But a big switch was that this was far more of an ensemble piece with Nick and Kelly getting as much time as Ty and Zane. 

Here's my theory 

given that the book ends with Zane agreeing to marry Ty, I'm thinking their story has come to an end. In fact I hope this is the case and that they'll become more supporting players in future books. I really felt like the torch was being passed on to Nick.

(show spoiler)

 And if true, that's a good thing.

But if you've loved this series, then definitely read this instalment.