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5 stars not enough!

Written in Red - Anne Bishop

Can I give it 6 stars? I feel like I haven't been this excited about a book in a very long time. I first discovered Anne Bishop about a year ago when a friend pushed me to read the Black Jewels "trilogy" (which continues to span about 12 books or something.) I loved that series. So I figured I'd enjoy this. But I really had no idea how much.

First off, the mythology. Yes, it's all the paranormal favs but Bishop gave them an original twist. I liked the dynamic between humans and that these weren't monsters trying to retain their humanity. Until our protagonist shows up, humans are meat and that's that. I loved how she goes beyond the standard "see wolves behave like puppies" and really gave each Other specific and organic quirks like the Crows love of shiny things that manifests in fun conflict. There are a lot of characters to keep track of but they are all so well developed and fully fleshed out.

Which brings me to Simon. *flutters* The curmudgeony alpha. His fall for the Meg is slow and unlike the typical "must have her, up in her face possessiveness". There was a playfulness and sweetness between them that I don't usually see in this kind of a character. Meg too was great. This is how you write "helpless." Not useless, not broken, just with an understandable innocence and a determination to stand on her own two feet.

Book two is a stupid price on Kindle but I'm not sure I can wait for it to come in at my library. That's how much I loved this book. I just want to keep spending time with these characters. Brava, Ms. Bishop. I may not be worthy but I'm certainly grateful.