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Initial annoyance overcome with solid read

Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand

You know what trope kinda bugs me? The one where rich high school girls' every day clothes sound like clubwear. Can they not have any kind of variety in their outfits? I know, a stupid quibble. But this plus the sheer irritation of having Jack's Cajun accent written out phonetically, I thought, was going to set the tone for a pretty bad read.

I was wrong. In fact, the more the book went on, the more I enjoyed it. The road trip adventure had peril and romance and the ending just blew it all up into very exciting possibilities for the next book. So why not 4 stars? It actually wasn't because of my pet peeves going in. It was because I felt like the protagonist doth protested a wee bit too much. Like the world has gone to hell, quit whinging and get with the program.

A solid and fun read nonetheless and I will pick up the next book. If not race to do so.