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Allegiant goes out with a yawn

Allegiant  - Veronica Roth


I feel like I need to start this review off by saying that I really really liked Divergent. Everything about it - the world, Tris, her growth, her relationship with Four, it all worked wonderfully for me. Then came Insurgent. And I didn't feel it as much. Mostly because it it felt like filler, biding time until the big third book finale. So I was curious about how this last chapter would play out.

I knew that something major happened, given the social media freak outs, and while I had my suspicions, I'd managed to stay away from all spoilers. At long last, after months of waiting on hold, my library book came in and away I went, back into Tris' world.

All I can say is that it left me bored. The most emotion I felt was an occasional yawn as I slogged through this story. Much as I'm a fan of alternating POVs, for some reason, here, they kept me at a distance from the characters. I didn't feel like I knew Tris as intimately and fully realized as I had in the previous books. And Four? Sure, he was grieving and messed up, but all his actions felt really knee-jerk and lesser somehow than I would have given him credit for. He just didn't feel very smart in this book. And not for any particular reason.

Every time we got to some "important emotional moment", I found myself flipping the page, not giving a damn. Seriously. My lack of a connection to this entire story was almost impressive. On top of that, were all the things that just bugged the crap out of me. Like A) if I had to read about how someone smelled one more time, I was going to scream. B) David wanted Tris to step up and become his successor or something? Isn't she sixteen? Really? That was his best choice? I don't care if he was in love with her mother. By the time I got to that, this book had jumped the shark so hard, I'm almost amazed I kept reading. Except I was incredulous as to what ridiculous choice Roth would make next.

Then we got to Caleb agreeing to sacrifice himself. Two guesses where that was headed. But again, here's what I was wondering. Wasn't there a truth serum? Couldn't they dose David up and get the code that way so no one had to die? Was I missing something? I just couldn't understand where Roth's choices were coming from because they didn't feel organic to character.

Tris' death, when it finally hit was intensely anti-climatic. By that point I was just like, "yeah, sure whatever." Trust me. No tears were shed.

So, given that is this my longest and rantiest review, why didn't I give it 1 star? Well, I did finish it. And it didn't offend me on any profound level. It just, as I said, bored me. 

And that, ironically, makes me sad.