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Disappointing Poster Boy

Hmm. The title doesn't seem to come up on Amazon yet. Well, picture a Blaine-type boy looking jaunty on the front. Good start. Or so it would have seemed.


The only other work of Anne Tenino's that I've read was Too Stupid to Live, which put a stupid grin on my face and took me to a happy place. Understandably, I was excited when I saw this go up on NetGalley. 

What a disappointment! First off, the story was super clunky to get into. I had trouble differentiating a lot of the characters, and there was a lot of confusing and it seemed, pointless exposition about a frat house fire. The entire Beer terrorist storyline isn't really explained until it can suddenly be a big plot point. In my opinion, the entire thing could have been dropped. 

Mostly though, I just didn't buy this supposedly incredible chemistry between Jock and Toby. Not for quite a long time. In TSTL, I completely and utterly bought into Ian and Sam. I rooted for them all the way through. Here? Eh. Whatever. They had their moments.

Really wish I'd enjoyed this more.

Thanks to Riptide Publishing and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.