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Stalker, thy name is Sevastyan

The Professional: Parts 1-3 - Kresley Cole

Hey there Stalker, nice to see you. Maybe I just need to stop reading books about submission. Because I alternate between intense annoyance at how everyone is behaving - especially the female - and flat out laugher at the language. Seriously, read the dirty talk aloud. I would lose it snickering in the bedroom if some of this stuff was said to me.

I have no problem with BDSM in the bedroom. It's outside of that that I have grave difficulties. When the woman is supposed to subsume herself completely in every aspect of life to the man because it shows her love or is actually her having all the power or some such BS. Sorry, I don't buy it. Do what you want in the bedroom but an actual relationship should be based on mutual respect and I just don't see that in these kinds of stories.

The writing is good. I've enjoyed a lot of Kresley Cole novels and expect to enjoy more in the future. Natalie has her feisty moments, which is something, I suppose. And yes, the broody Russian is hot except he goes way too far into the aforementioned stalker territory. 

All in all, it evened out to an okay read.

Thanks to Gallery, Threshold, Pocket Books and NetGalley for a copy in exchange for a fair and honest review.Sevastyan