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The Beginning of Everything the beginning of my love affair with this author

The Beginning of Everything - Robyn Schneider
I seriously only heard about this book yesterday morning because a friend had read it for her Real Books Challenge. It happened to be at my library when I swung by to return another book so I picked it up. Wow! Funny, heartbreaking, sweet - this story had it all. The story follows Ezra, golden boy no longer so golden, figuring out his life in the wake of a life shattering event.

It's not a plot heavy book, but who cares? This story is about people- about Ezra, about new friends and old, and about love. Did I have a few quibbles? Yeah. Maybe the mean girl was portrayed as a little one-sided and the manic pixie dream girl a bit too much so. Again, who cares? This story is wonderful and I can't encourage you all enough to read it. Like, now!