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Lynch's Republic of Thieves rollicking good fun

The Republic of Thieves - Scott Lynch

Somewhere along the way, I read book one of this series. But I didn't rate or review it. My memory of it was that I liked Locke but found the book in need of an edit. I know I didn't read the second one and am not sure how I ended up picking up book three. Although I'm glad I did.

I really loved Locke, Jean and Sabetha in this. I love Lynch's wordplay and the fun of the banter between the characters. His world building is interesting but its really the characters that keep me turning the pages. That said, I did find some of the bits about the play a bit long and some of the Falconer parts as well. I guess it was my desire for a trim that kept this from being a five star read.

Much as I loved it, I think I'll have to check reviews of future books to decide if I want to continue with this series. I don't care about the overarching Falconer conflict so it would really have to come down to the relationships. And as I've said, in Lynch's hands, they're a hell of a lot of fun.