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Tellulah Darling writes YA & New Adult romantic comedy because her first kiss sucked and she's compensating.

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Joy and delight for The Duke's Holiday

The Duke's Holiday (The Regency Romp Trilogy) - Maggie Fenton;Margaret Foxe Montford is a man who demands everything in order. A man of control and tamped down emotion. So it is with great annoyance that he visits his estate to deal with the Honeywell family that has been a thorn in his family's side for hundreds of years. Of course, once there it's chaos. All headed by a wild-haired, different coloured eyed, trouser wearing bluestocking called Astrid. So much love for this book! I'd recently read another book about a lord obsessed with order and the woman who made him lose control, and let me tell you, The Duke's Holiday was the way to do it right. There is so much Historical Romance out there but much of it for me is either okay or pretty good. I'm always thrilled to find a five star read. This is all that and more. Simply put its rollicking good fun with wit and steam and sass. So glad I've found this series.