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Meanness outweighs humanity for me in Rise & Fall

The Rise & Fall of Great Powers: A Novel - Tom Rachman What drew me to this novel was the unfolding of the mystery that is Tooly Zylberberg's life. Who were these mysterious people who raised her around the world and what would ultimately become of her? While the writing itself is lovely and the characters engaging, I have to admit that there were many times I felt like I was slogging through the book just to learn some kind of answers about what had happened to her. In the end, well, I'm not sure how I was supposed to feel. Heartbroken? I felt a lot of sympathy for the person who had ultimately been there for her, but there was so much meanness with the others. Like over the top, arch, tie-her-to-railroad tracks mean. Maybe that was the point. The indifference and selfishness of humans. As well as their great capability to love. I just wish that she'd asked questions earlier. That people had spoken up. That things had been different. Again, that too is life. But I'm not sure I wanted it exactly as portrayed in this novel.