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Bring on more Nick & Kels

Cross & Crown - Abigail Roux

You know what rocks? Being bored, trolling the Kindle store and finding out its release day for the next book in a series by an author you love! Yay! I'll read anything with the Sidewinder bunch. Was this one of her strongest books? Maybe not. There was too much police work and not enough relationship stuff. But it was funny and steamy and I love Kels so much. So I sank into the story and was very happy to do so.

My only bump was at the end when 

Kels gets Nick to quit the force. It felt kind of pissy for this former marine to get upset about Nick going to work.

(show spoiler)

If you've enjoyed the Cut & Run series, you'll probably enjoy this one. They're not Ty and Zane but maybe Nick and Kels can get to that level of awesome eventually.