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Liars had me until the ending

We Were Liars - E. Lockhart

Great book. Loved this family that was so beautiful on the surface and so broken and dysfunctional underneath. I wanted to know the truth of Cady's accident desperately and where her and Gat would end up. Completely bought in to all of it and a happy camper as I was sucked in.


So why only 4 stars? Because the ending infuriated me.

 I understand they are teens. I understand they were angry. And drunk. But no where in that book was I given to understand they were stupid. And setting a house on fire while they were inside the house, including in the basement was beyond stupid. I had a hard time believing that not one of these kids, in thinking out the plan said "Hey, let's douse it in gas then come meet outside after and light the bugger up." Because if they'd used basic common sense, even in this scenario, we wouldn't have our shocking ending. And that's what enraged me. Undermining the intelligence of our characters for sharp shock.

(show spoiler)

Nope. You lost me.