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Star Cursed leaves me a tense mess

Star Cursed - Jessica Spotswood


I hadn't read book 1 in a while but I liked how Star Cursed just picked right up and hit the ground running. I was sucked in from the start and my stomach is still a giant knot of tension from the ride. Spotswood puts her characters - and us - in a pressure cooker with the risk of exposure as witches putting women's lives on the line. More than that though, she weaves in a total oppressive patriarchy with women being refused the rights to work and be educated, bringing society as a whole to a simmering boil. It's a timely read, which is sad in this day and age.

Cate's friends and family are torn apart by these activities in realistic ways. While I wish Cate was more proactive - I like my female MCs kick ass - I recognize that this is all part of her journey and I can't wait to see where she goes in book three. Somewhere dark, I imagine, given the ending. It was both shocking and exactly what had to happen. I'm just glad that book three was already released, though I think I may need some time to recover before diving back into the world.