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The Chocolate Thief a sumptuous delight

The Chocolate Thief - Laura Florand

The Chocolate Thief is a sumptuous love affair with Paris, chocolate and romance itself. Florand paints a feast for the senses that is so delicious, so sensual that I dare anyone not to come away filled with all kinds of wicked cravings. There is not a single note wrong in this story. Our MC Cade is smart and so passionately determined to achieve her dream of being part of the artisanal chocolate world in Paris that it's impossible not to root for her 150%. Then there is Sylvain, the chocolate master, the most smirking, sensuous Frenchman of all time who plays women's bodies like the chocolate in which he works. 

*Time out to fan self*

Yeah, it's pretty perfect. So grab it. Not a guilty pleasure - just pure pleasure and no calories. No downside.